Thursday, 25 November 2010

Episode 7 (1880 - 1883)

Apparently soon translates into a month, sorry for the delay. Anyways...

It's 1880 and William gets to meet Angelus but Darla has for whatever reason slumped back off to The Master (but only for a short time it would seem). William and Angelus become friendly, but in trying to teach him a lesson about how vampires take what they want, Angelus lets William walk in on him and Dru having sex (awkward!) he also suggests William adopt a tougher name. Later in Yorkshire William is scolded for his recklessness and gives himself the name Spike, oh and look Darla is back! A few years later Angelus has slumped off apparently by himself to a Christmas party to feed on a housemaid (which will eventually be a dream he shares with Buffy) good times...


  1. Do you have a variable or constant bitrate on your audio?

  2. I honestly have no idea but some other episodes got taken down and I re-uploaded them and they were out of sync as well, so I'm hoping it's a fluke.

  3. If not, I can try to help you out, if you need it.

    I've had a lot of trouble with audio tracks that have a variable bitrate, and I always solve the problems by exporting the audio, converting it into a constant bitrate, and gluing it back on to the video. Then there's basically no sync to lose: the video runs at a constant amount of frames per second, and the audio runs at a certain kbps.

    Here's my e-mail address, should the problem persist:

  4. Thanks for the offer, but I re-uploaded it and everything seems fine now.

  5. Howdy.
    Just curious if the Chronological Angel Flashbacks are dead in the water or what?
    I haven't seen any updates in a long while, so I just thought I'd ask.