Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Long Overdue Update...

Le sigh. So I no longer have access to final cut pro or any similar editing software, so for the moment CAF are on hold, if I can get FCP back then I will of course resume. Sorry :(
Edit: Also looks like the all the episodes have been taken down (come on Zshare give a guy a break) so I will at least re-upload them, have done part 1 already.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Episode 7 (1880 - 1883)

Apparently soon translates into a month, sorry for the delay. Anyways...

It's 1880 and William gets to meet Angelus but Darla has for whatever reason slumped back off to The Master (but only for a short time it would seem). William and Angelus become friendly, but in trying to teach him a lesson about how vampires take what they want, Angelus lets William walk in on him and Dru having sex (awkward!) he also suggests William adopt a tougher name. Later in Yorkshire William is scolded for his recklessness and gives himself the name Spike, oh and look Darla is back! A few years later Angelus has slumped off apparently by himself to a Christmas party to feed on a housemaid (which will eventually be a dream he shares with Buffy) good times...

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Another Update...

Lost but not forgotten, or something. No excuses for not getting up the next part really, just lazieness. Though I now have episode 7 constructed but am having a few rendering issues - hopefully it will be up soon. Also I finally put epi 5 back up, so all episodes are once again now available to watch.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Episode 6 (1860 - 1880)

After killing Drusilla's family and driving her to madness Darla and Angelus precede to have sex in front of her as any good host would. Here we veer off Angel's story for a small minute to see Spike, then William reading poetry to his mother who he loves and adores (I had to cut off they very beginning of this because the way they had done it they included Spike's head in shot) a short while later William is mocked at a party for his poetry and then shot down by a woman who looks EXTREMELY similar to the vengeance demon Halfrak. He leaves upset and bumps into Dru, Darla and Angelus after they've hald a small snack where Dru set eyes on him and then sires him.
Side note: there's a small inconsistency with the split as we see William/Spike walking away at two different times but it's clearly the same shot, there's not really much I could do about so I left it as is as it's not that huge a deal.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

A problem...

Hey I'm not sure if this is just me or it could be a problem, the videos for the episodes aren't showing up when I go on the site. There's just a blank space underneath the text, please please tell me it's just me, thing is I can see all the videos when I go on Chronologically Lost, feedback much appreciated. Though I've edited and am exporting episode 6 as I type so I will try and go upload that anyways, I guess I'll just wait and see at the moment.

Saturday, 4 September 2010


Sorry for the delay with the next part, I cracked my laptop screen and was on holiday for a while, but now that I'm back and my screen is fixed (if everything goes smoothly) the next ep should be up within a few days.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Episode 5 (1773 - 1860)

Holtz having failed in his mission to kill Darla and Angelus is contacted by the demon (?) Sahjhan to awaken in 2002 to take his revenge there. Some years later Angelus trains a young vampire named Penn who later becomes the LA serial killer The Pope. Then a little later Angelus kills a young man at Christmas time the day before his wedding (no wonder he was one of the most feared vampires). Then just as it seems were veering off course we are introduced to Drusilla as Darla presents her to Angelus from afar - then what we assume must me a day or two later he pretends to be her priest and begins his mental torment... OHHHHHH.
Side note: I decided to leave out Angelus' meeting with The Beast (which would have featured somewhere in ep5) because the way they did it was really choppy and wouldn't have made any sense if I had included it, I felt leaving it out was OK because seeing just the flashbacks it isn't really a key part of his history.