Monday, 13 September 2010

Episode 6 (1860 - 1880)

After killing Drusilla's family and driving her to madness Darla and Angelus precede to have sex in front of her as any good host would. Here we veer off Angel's story for a small minute to see Spike, then William reading poetry to his mother who he loves and adores (I had to cut off they very beginning of this because the way they had done it they included Spike's head in shot) a short while later William is mocked at a party for his poetry and then shot down by a woman who looks EXTREMELY similar to the vengeance demon Halfrak. He leaves upset and bumps into Dru, Darla and Angelus after they've hald a small snack where Dru set eyes on him and then sires him.
Side note: there's a small inconsistency with the split as we see William/Spike walking away at two different times but it's clearly the same shot, there's not really much I could do about so I left it as is as it's not that huge a deal.

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